Founded in 2006, Peters Architecture has established its presence within Southern California as a highly respected design firm.


We believe that the basis of any project begins with the cohesion of people, continues with the exchange of ideas, and ends with enduring relationships.   Firmly rooted with client and architect, this collaboration may likely include landscape designers, interior designers, engineers, builders, local community members, and jurisdictions to name a few.

Our practice combines the discipline of professionalism while maintaining a very human approach.  We utilize leadership, clear communication, team building, environmental awareness, current technology, continuing education, and diligent follow-through to achieve and surpass expectations

A deep appreciation of the built and natural environment forms the underlay of all endeavors at Peters Architecture. Based on a firm understanding of site and the multiple layers of influence around it, from its history to its growth, from its surroundings to its soil - we strive to find a harmonious balance between our projects and the world around them.




Austin Peters
Architect, University of Southern California, Bachelor of Architecture


Scott Peters
Landscape Designer, Purdue University,  Bachelor of Landscape Architecture


Ngoc Tran
Project Manager, California State Polytechnic University Pomona,  Bachelor of Architecture



partial list:

Hamilton & Associates
Geotechnical Engineering

Norcal Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

Beach Cities Contracting
Energy consulting

Denn Engineering

I/WS Surveying

Raymond Scott

MS Engineering
Structural Engineering

ITF Engineering
Civil Engineering

CRO Engineering
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering

Lifang Vision Technologies
Computer Graphics Illustrations

Clark Dugger